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Comments September 28, 2009

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i’ve just finished surfing all aepers blogs! haha very interesting stuff!



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Title: good ole me

Medium: Linograph

time taken: approx. 10 hrs

i think that i waasnt sensitive enough to the details, and my strokes were sometimes rather uncontrolled. This piece is decent but not above average, although i do think that the positive/negative space was balanced out quite okay. (as mr lim said i think)



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Title: Im.pulse

Media: Clay

Size: bigger than the rest.

Approx date: around 5 hours

This is the last one i made. it took about 5 hours, as well. And its a table, if you cant tell. i think she looks kind of haughty. Oh, i chose this picture because of the nice shadow. And you would NOT believe how much support this thing needed before it dried up. I was really afraid the wet clay will sag and become deformed. after ms yap and i finished placing the support, you couldnt even see the original one.  😀

I learnt my lesson from the making of chairisma that the support is really important, and therefore i placed extra emphasis on it this time. Making these clay furniture was really fun and enjoyable, and you never know what fun it is to put your hands into the clay. In fact, i enjoyed this process the best out of all my coursework stuff of different media, like pencil, digital etc. My only regret was not having enough time to fire my works.

Oh and another lesson i learnt was in kneading the clay! into the ox-shaped thingy, right, ms yap! It looked easy when she did it, but when i did it, well, let’s just say it needed tons of practice to get it remotely right 😀

I’m so happy that this is successfully done. Proud to share my work with all of you xD

thanks for tuning in!



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Chairisma - P1

Title: Chairisma (go ahead, groan all you want)

Media: Clay

Size: around 20 cm by 25 cm

Approximate Date: arnd May/June/Sept period. (may, june prototype was conceived. 2nd one during sept hols)

This, my friends, was an extremely problematic design. Whether the design was even able to be put into 3-D form was cast under doubt. Because of the nature of the design, how it twists and turns, i had to redraw it a few more times to see it from all angles so that i was able to actually make it. It was painfully put together by multiple slabs, and I had to wait for one part to dry before joining the other side. (It was separated into 3 parts before joining).I took a little more than 6 hours i think.

And the most hateful thing is, it BROKE on me. It threw a tantrum and smattered into a thousand million pieces just because it wasnt fired. and i actually tried to join back the pieces by buying UHU glue. Sadly, the situation was regrettably irreversible, and i had to make another one. The second one lasted long enough till after the photoshoot to break, mercifully. I think the joints were too thin, and clay was just not a suitable medium for stable-ness as well as to show the thin lines of the furniture. When i designed it, i kind of envisioned it to be made with malleable plastic, that was all flowy and nice. I guess thats where it went wrong.

Along with all the tough work and mistakes, this is actually my favorite one, and my most beloved one, maybe because of the emotional attachment to it, but i really like the overall structure of it.It kind of challenges you, do you feel that? or maybe thats because i developed a habit of talking to clay. LOVESSSS ❤



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And the second one’s called Boldova. I really dont know why its called what its called.

Bolova - P1

Title: Boldova (i thought it looked kind of like how those body-builders go ‘HURRGH’ and make their arms go all concave, showing off their biceps and stuff, and sometimes i go ‘hey, it reminds me of hulk’ and therefore out came the name BOLD, and ova is just a prefix.) Oh, i wanted to tag emotions to each of the furnitures too, like bold, haughty, blah, kind of attaching human feelings to each one of them.

Media: Clay

Size: 9cm by 8cm

Approximate Date: 16 May

This was made from one phlunk (yes, i know theres no such word)  of clay, which i later moulded into this. Nip and tuck, they say. Not exactly the same, but not entirely different either. As a result, the method/process of making this is largely different from the others, (the others were made by joining slabs together), and it has a rather blocky feel. Its supposed to be a table.

For closer inspection:

Boldova - P2


The second funfair poster!

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and the second of the two.

This belongs to the same series as the first one, as you can see by the consistent colour scheme of yellow and black. i like its simplicity, and how it manages to convey what our main idea is, which is the lyrics competition.

The spot is also needy for someone to fill it. The emptiness is evident, and i like how it invites the viewer to join the competition.


Pictures taken

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here are pictures i found interesting 😀


The one on top..some MRT station.

Oh the one below has interesting origins..

Let’s start with the background story 😀

We were happily riding along in the car when my baby cousin grabbed my phone to play. In a last ditch attempt to get it back, i told her i would show her there’s a camera ‘hidden’ in the phone..she was so intruiged that i managed to get it back, just look out of the window and..TA-DA! somehow the settings were adjusted to sepia (must be her lah!) so i just clicked…



I like all these pictures, particularly the last one, because of the unusual lighting, and the rest because of its composition.